29th of November


Aesthetic learning processes and Shakespeare´s immersive and timeless universe

Presentation of the project and our research. This session is open and free to access.

13.00-16.00 Auditorium, presentations

30th of November

Understandings of otherness and togetherness through aesthetic learning processes

8.30-9.00 auditorium, registration, light breakfast, coffee and tea.

9.00 auditorium, artistic performance. Welcome by Dean of Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science USN. And by ForEst Research Group

9.30 auditiorium. Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre – presentation

9.50 auditorium. The editorial team of DRAMA – presentation

10.15 break, coffee/tea, fruits etc.

10.30 auditorium, Keynote speakers

11.30 break

11.45 Keynote speaker

12.15 lunch – at Kaffé Panorama

13.15-14.00 auditorium. Together and other, a collective mediating of aesthetic learning processes and understandings of togetherness and otherness (keynote workshops)

14.00 break, coffee/tea, something sweet

14.15 auditorium. Gry Uhlin-Engstu. “What do you really learn by working with aesthetic learning processes?”

14.45 Showroom. Link.  Strengthen togetherness – relations in groups. A devised practical workshop that explores the dynamics of the group when individuals engage in learning processes

16.45-21.30 Conference dinner and social programme. Kaffé Panorama.

1st of December

Paper presentations

8.30-900 registration, light breakfast, coffee and tea

9.00-9.45 auditorium. DAAR – presentation of work

Parallel sessions

Please bring a pair of headphones with you!