29th of November


Aesthetic learning processes and Shakespeare´s immersive and timeless universe

Presentation of the project and our research. This session is open and free to access.

13.00 Auditorium, presentations

30th of November

Understandings of otherness and togetherness through aesthetic learning processes

9.30 auditorium, registration

10.00 auditorium, welcome

10.30 auditorium, Keynote speakers

12.00 lunch

13.00-16.00 auditorium. Together and other, a collective mediating of aesthetic learning processes and understandings of togetherness and otherness (parallel sessions)

please check which group you are assigned tor

1st of December

Parallel sessions

9.30 Aksel Tjora – a sociological contextualisation of what is about to happen in the light of previous presentations

10.00-15.00 Session plan will be published in the beginning of November.

15.00 Aksel Tjora – a sociological contextualisation of what actually did happen, and what has togetherness to do with it?